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Architecting On AWS

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About Course

Architecting on AWS provides a comprehensive overview of building IT infrastructure on the AWS platform. This course is specifically designed to equip solutions architects with the knowledge and skills to effectively optimize the utilization of AWS Cloud services and integrate them into cloud-based solutions. Emphasizing AWS cloud best practices and recommended design patterns, the course guides students in thinking through the process of architecting efficient and optimal IT solutions on AWS.

Throughout the course, students will gain a deep understanding of various AWS services and their roles within cloud-based architectures. They will learn how to leverage these services to create scalable, reliable, and secure IT solutions. The course emphasizes industry-proven design patterns and incorporates case studies that highlight real-world examples of how AWS customers have designed their infrastructures and implemented strategies and services to achieve their goals.

By completing Architecting on AWS, solutions architects will be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to architect IT solutions effectively on the AWS platform. They will understand how to apply best practices, leverage AWS services, and design solutions that align with business requirements. This course empowers solutions architects to make informed decisions, optimize AWS resources, and architect scalable and resilient cloud-based solutions.

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What Will You Learn?

  • This course is specifically designed to provide you with the skills to:
  • 1. Make architectural decisions based on AWS-recommended principles and best practices: Learn how to analyze and evaluate architectural options using AWS-recommended architectural principles. Make informed decisions to design and optimize architectures that align with best practices.
  • 2. Leverage AWS services for scalability, reliability, and high availability: Gain proficiency in utilizing AWS services to build and deploy highly scalable, reliable, and available infrastructure. Understand how to leverage features and capabilities to achieve desired levels of scalability and reliability.
  • 3. Utilize AWS managed services for enhanced flexibility and resiliency: Learn how to leverage AWS managed services to improve the flexibility and resilience of your infrastructure. Understand the benefits of offloading certain operational tasks to AWS managed services and how they can enhance your overall architecture.
  • 4. Optimize AWS-based infrastructure for improved efficiency: Explore strategies and techniques to optimize the performance and efficiency of your AWS-based infrastructure. Learn how to leverage AWS tools and services to maximize resource utilization, reduce costs, and improve overall efficiency.
  • 5. Utilize the Well-Architected Framework to enhance architectures with AWS solutions: Gain an understanding of the Well-Architected Framework and how to apply it to evaluate and improve your architectures. Learn how to use AWS solutions to address architectural design considerations and ensure that your infrastructure meets best practices and industry standards.
  • By completing this course, you will acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed architectural decisions based on AWS-recommended principles and best practices. You will learn how to leverage AWS services to build scalable and reliable infrastructure, utilize managed services for flexibility and resilience, optimize your AWS-based infrastructure for efficiency, and apply the Well-Architected Framework to enhance your architectures with AWS solutions.

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