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Certified Advanced RPA Professional – Enterprise V 11

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About Course

This learning trail is designed to enhance developers’ understanding and knowledge of the Automation Anywhere product. It specifically prepares them for the Advanced RPA Professional Certification, which assesses their expertise in the Automation Anywhere V11 RPA platform. The certification exam is a comprehensive test that evaluates learners’ proficiency in various aspects of the product, including its features, functionality, and application.

By completing this learning trail and successfully passing the certification exam, developers will demonstrate their in-depth knowledge and competence in utilizing the Automation Anywhere V11 RPA platform. The certification serves as a validation of their expertise, enabling them to effectively leverage the product’s capabilities for automation purposes.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Certification Objectives:
  • 1. Identifying Business Processes for Automation:
  • - Develop the ability to identify and assess business processes that can be effectively automated using RPA.
  • 2. Utilizing Automation Anywhere V11 to Build Software Robots (Bots):
  • - Gain a comprehensive understanding of Automation Anywhere V11 and its functionalities for building software robots.
  • - Learn how to utilize the features and tools provided by Automation Anywhere V11 to create efficient and effective bots.
  • 3. Exploring Automation as a Solution for Real-Life Business Problems:
  • - Understand how automation can address real-life business challenges and provide practical solutions.
  • - Analyze and identify suitable automation opportunities for various business scenarios.
  • Learning Outcomes:
  • 1. Understanding the Usage of Automation Anywhere RPA Tool for Creating Software Robots (Bots):
  • - Describe the role and capabilities of the Automation Anywhere RPA tool in the creation of software robots (bots).
  • - Explain how the tool can be effectively utilized to automate business processes and enhance operational efficiency.
  • 2. Familiarity with the Features of the Automation Anywhere Client for Building Bots:
  • - Describe the key features and functionalities of the Automation Anywhere client for building bots.
  • - Gain proficiency in utilizing the client to design, develop, and deploy bots effectively.
  • 3. Exploring Advanced Features of the Web Control Room:
  • - Understand the advanced features and capabilities of the web control room in Automation Anywhere.
  • - Learn how to leverage these features to monitor, manage, and optimize the performance of software robots.
  • 4. Exam Preparation for Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional:
  • - Equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully complete the Automation Anywhere Certified Advanced RPA Professional exam.
  • - Prepare for the exam by consolidating your understanding of Automation Anywhere V11 and its applications in building software robots.

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