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Certified Master RPA Professional – Automation 360

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About Course

This learning trail is specifically designed for RPA practitioners who are aiming to prepare for the Master RPA Professional Certification (A2019). By successfully completing this preparatory program, you will have reached the base camp on your journey towards achieving the coveted Master’s Certification. This program entails 4-6 weeks of immersive, hands-on practice utilizing Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019.

The Master RPA Professional certification exam is designed to assess your proficiency in creating bots using Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA products. During the exam, you will be tasked with developing bots that can effectively automate business processes based on real-life scenarios derived from case studies. The certification process comprises three assessments: a Q&A Assessment/Test, a Bot Development Assessment, and an Interview/Viva.

These assessments collectively evaluate your knowledge, skills, and practical application of RPA concepts, ensuring that you possess the necessary expertise to create efficient and reliable bots. By successfully completing the certification process, you will demonstrate your competence in the field of RPA and enhance your professional credibility as an RPA practitioner.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Certification Objectives:
  • 1. Building a Bot with Variable Types, If Package Actions, and Variable Package Actions:
  • - Construct a bot by effectively utilizing different variable types, If package actions, and Variable package actions.
  • 2. Demonstrating Proficiency in Building a Resilient Bot:
  • - Showcase expertise in creating robust and resilient bots that can handle exceptions and errors gracefully.
  • 3. Automating Processes using Excel Basic, Advanced Commands, and Inline Scripting:
  • - Automate various tasks involving Excel by utilizing both basic and advanced commands.
  • - Implement Inline Scripting to create functions and effectively call them within the automation workflow.
  • 4. Creating Credentials in the Credential Vault:
  • - Demonstrate the process of creating and managing credentials securely in the Credential Vault for accessing sensitive information.
  • 5. Automating Email Processes:
  • - Automate the procedures of receiving emails from an unattended mailbox and sending emails.
  • 6. Accessing the API Help:
  • - Gain proficiency in accessing and utilizing the API help documentation for Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019.
  • Learning Outcomes:
  • 1. Understanding Bots Built for Scale or Reusability:
  • - Describe the key features and characteristics of bots designed for scalability and reusability.
  • 2. Building a Reusable Bot:
  • - Develop a bot that follows best practices for reusability and scalability, allowing for efficient replication and adaptation.
  • 3. Utilizing Action Packages in Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019:
  • - Explain the role and purpose of Action Packages within Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019.
  • 4. Building Action Packages for Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019:
  • - Create Action Packages that encapsulate specific functionalities or actions for reuse in automation workflows.
  • 5. Deploying Action Packages in Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019:
  • - Demonstrate the process of deploying and integrating Action Packages into Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019.
  • 6. Exam Preparation for Automation Anywhere Certified Master RPA Professional:
  • - Prepare and equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and skills to successfully complete the Automation Anywhere Certified Master RPA Professional exam.

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