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Implementing Automation For Cisco Security Solutions

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About Course

The “Implementing Automation for Cisco Security Solutions (SAUI) v1.0” program is designed to empower learners with the skills to craft sophisticated automated security solutions for modern networks. Through a blend of insightful lessons and interactive labs, participants will delve deep into the realms of contemporary programming techniques, RESTful APIs, data structures, protocols, and more, to bolster the security of web services, networks, and connected devices.

Participants will be trained to:

  1. Understand and harness RESTful Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for automation.
  2. Implement security measures across various domains such as firewalls, web, DNS, cloud, and email security, using Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE).
  3. Enhance their expertise across key platforms including:
    • Cisco Firepower Management Center
    • Cisco Firepower Threat Defense
    • Cisco ISE and pxGrid
    • Cisco Stealthwatch (both Enterprise and Cloud versions)
    • Cisco Umbrella
    • Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)
    • Cisco Threat Grid
    • Cisco Security Management Appliances.

A key outcome of the course is enabling participants to discern when and how to utilize the API for each specific Cisco security tool, optimizing network performance while minimizing intricacy.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be proficient in:
  • Understanding Cisco Security Solutions: Gaining insight into the architectural framework of Cisco security solutions, and appreciating the pivotal role of APIs in enhancing security functionalities.
  • Cisco Firepower Mastery: Developing a strong command over the usage of Cisco Firepower APIs for network security.
  • pxGrid API Knowledge: Grasping the operational dynamics of pxGrid APIs and comprehending their inherent advantages in network configurations.
  • Cisco Stealthwatch API Utilization: Recognizing the capabilities presented by Cisco Stealthwatch APIs and being adept at formulating API requests for configuration alterations and auditing tasks.
  • Delving into Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud: Detailing the features and merits of the Cisco Stealthwatch Cloud APIs and their application in real-world scenarios.
  • Cisco Umbrella Investigate API: Becoming skilled at employing the Cisco Umbrella Investigate API to bolster web security measures.
  • Cisco AMP Insights: Gaining a deep understanding of the functionalities offered by Cisco Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and its associated APIs.
  • Threat Management with Cisco Threat Grid: Acquiring expertise in leveraging Cisco Threat Grid APIs to proficiently analyze, search, and mitigate potential security threats.

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