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Microsoft Office 365 Excel Expert

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About Course

Welcome to the next segment of our Microsoft 365 Excel courseware. Excel remains Microsoft’s formidable and user-friendly spreadsheet program. This latest version of Excel introduces novel features and enhanced connectivity, fostering seamless collaboration and productivity.

Our course is designed to efficiently familiarize all users with the advanced functionalities of Excel. Throughout the program, we will delve into the following key areas:

1. Utilizing Excel Online for versatile accessibility and collaboration.
2. Automating worksheets to streamline tasks and enhance efficiency.
3. Implementing auditing and error-checking techniques for data accuracy.
4. Conducting data analysis and creating compelling presentations.
5. Mastering the art of working with multiple workbooks for comprehensive data management.
6. Exporting and sorting data to facilitate organization and analysis.

By the end of this course, participants will have gained the necessary skills to excel in their Excel proficiency, empowering them to tackle complex tasks and harness the program’s full potential.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Upon successful completion of this course, users will achieve a high level of comfort and proficiency in various essential aspects of Microsoft 365 Excel. Key skills attained include:
  • 1. Navigating and confidently utilizing both the online and desktop environments of Excel.
  • 2. Harnessing automating functions to streamline tasks and boost productivity.
  • 3. Mastering data analysis and presentation techniques for compelling data representation.
  • 4. Proficiently conducting auditing and error checking to ensure data accuracy and integrity.
  • 5. Efficiently managing multiple workbooks for comprehensive data organization.
  • 6. Effectively accessing and distributing data to facilitate collaboration and sharing.
  • With these acquired skills, learners will be fully equipped to navigate Excel's diverse functionalities, enabling them to excel in their work and achieve optimal results in both online and desktop environments.

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