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Microsoft Windows 10 Introduction

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About Course

Windows 10 represents the most recent version of Microsoft’s extensively utilized Windows operating system. This latest iteration introduces an extensive array of fresh features while also enhancing existing ones, resulting in a highly enhanced user experience.

What Will You Learn?

  • Module 1: Discovering Personal Computers and the Windows 10 User Interface
  • This module introduces students to the essential elements of a personal computer. They will gain proficiency in logging into Windows 10, navigating the desktop, and exploring the Start menu.
  • Lessons:
  • 1. Identifying the Components of a Personal Computer
  • 2. Signing into Windows 10
  • 3. Navigating the Desktop
  • 4. Exploring the Start Menu
  • Module 2: Windows Store Apps and Navigation Features
  • This module covers multitasking with apps, conducting searches on the computer, and managing notifications. Students will also delve into Windows Store apps and various navigation techniques in Windows 10.
  • Lessons:
  • 1. Multitasking with Apps
  • 2. Searching the Computer
  • 3. Viewing Notifications
  • 4. Understanding Windows Store Apps
  • 5. Mastering Windows 10 Navigation
  • Module 3: Interaction with Desktop Applications
  • In this module, students will learn how to work effectively with desktop windows, efficiently manage files and folders using File Explorer, and create files using desktop applications.
  • Lessons:
  • 1. Working with Desktop Applications
  • 2. Managing Files and Folders with File Explorer
  • 3. Creating and Modifying Files with Desktop Applications
  • Module 4: Microsoft Edge: The Default Web Browser
  • This module focuses on navigating the user interface of Microsoft Edge, the latest default web browser. Students will learn how to browse the web, manage tabs, and customize Microsoft Edge options.
  • Lessons:
  • 1. Exploring Microsoft Edge
  • 2. Navigating with Microsoft Edge
  • 3. Managing Tabs in Microsoft Edge
  • 4. Customizing Microsoft Edge Options
  • Module 5: Customizing the Windows 10 Environment
  • This module equips students with the skills to modify fundamental Windows settings, personalize the Lock screen, and customize the desktop according to their preferences.
  • Lessons:
  • 1. Customizing the Windows 10 Environment
  • 2. Personalizing the Lock Screen
  • 3. Customizing the Desktop
  • Module 6: Utilizing Windows 10 Security Features
  • The final module will educate students on configuring passwords, utilizing Windows Defender for security, and effectively storing and sharing files using OneDrive.
  • Lessons:
  • 1. Understanding Windows 10 Security Features
  • 2. Working with Windows Defender
  • 3. File Management and Sharing through OneDrive

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